Chapatti began his spiritual journey in 1972 learning The Transcendental Meditation technique.  Beginning to live the benefits of this valuable technique, soon after beginning this delve into spirituality, he had the desire to teach this beneficial technique to others and began studying with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (of Beatles fame) for 9 months in Switzerland, becoming a Transcendental Meditation teacher.

Teaching meditation in Boston, he completed his BFA degree at Tufts University and The Boston Museum School with an emphasis on writing, producing and directing for television and film. He then apprenticed at WBZ-TV (NBC) on the highly acclaimed show,”For Kids Only”, and later  went on producing and directing commercials and shorts for WTVX-TV (CBS) in South Florida.

Yet, throughout his schooling, Chapatti kept an emphasis on meditation and the inward journey, seeking self development and enlightenment. Having completed several advanced courses in meditation, he had also completed the TM Sidhi course that focused on the practices of Patanjali’s yoga sutras.  A sincere seeker,  in 1980 Chapatti went to Delhi, India to further study Vedic Science with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, learning about different disciplines in terms of subjective consciousness, a variation from the western approach to education which is objective in nature.   A light-hearted, inquisitive seeker, Chapatti descends from a line of bread makers dating back 7,800 years that originated in an area in northwestern India, not far from Pakistan, known as the province of Quamadesh–a small province, most noted for chapatti breadmaking.  Chapatti grew from this heritage and thus has been given his name.

While on the Vedic Science course, Chapatti had various interactions with vendors in the flea markets of Delhi during the daily lunchtime breaks, purchasing assorted items for fellow course participants.  With frequent bits of humor, Chapatti shopped with joy, getting great buys using his power of negotiating, which he claims had originated from his inherent Jewishness.  And so we can say that Chapatti had been newly born, steeped in Hindu tradition, a true HinJew.


Making Los Angeles, California, his home, in the mid 1980‘s, Chapatti began learning about Ayurveda, a 6,000 year old approach to the science of life, i.e. the five elements, air, earth, fire, water and space and its integration in our daily life and diet.  Fascinated with Ayurveda, this motivated Chapatti to create, produce and direct this innovative food and wellness TV show, “Food With Life”, with the premise that ‘Food Is Our Best Medicine’.  Yet, something was amiss.  This innovative yet educational TV show needed a host.

So, who could it be? Right in front of his nose.  None other then, you guessed it, Chapatti!!!  And indeed, it is with his incisive questioning, in the uniquely informative, lighthearted show that is “Food With Life,” that this half hour TV show comes to life.

So, how would Ayurveda fit in here?

Having been involved with Ayurveda, a science of self healing since the early 1980’s, and learning about Ayurveda, it wasn’t until 2003 that Kenneth went to Mumbai, India for Ayurvedic treatments which led to the very beginning days of videotaping shows on Ayurveda.  It all began with videotaping aspects of Ayurvedic healing in balancing our physiology, our diet, and emotional well being.  Since then, several Ayurvedic doctors, western medical doctors, naturopaths and celebrities have contributed to more then 70 half hour shows on such topics as Watching Weight, GMO foods, healing with raw and cooked foods, Aborigine Healing, Balinese healing health, Swedish wellness, psychological Healing, wellness & yoga and more. And from these shows, the revelation had arisen that Food Is Our Best Medicine.

More recently Chapatti has developed “Chapatti’s Kids Snack Corner”, an innovative show for kids, teens, and parents that focuses on youthful health and wellness.  In its early development, five half-hour shows were completed.  With the input of doctors and other health practitioners, the show demonstrates that it is not only in our formative years, but throughout our lives that food helps to create our moods and enhance our learning, behavior, happiness and well-being.  Viewers who put these ideas into action can form the basis of a healthy society that will make the world a better place to live, where we can share with and care about one another.  This, after all, is a foundation for a society built on love.  So we say, “Live In Love.” “Food With Life.” “Food With Love.”

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