Kenneth Scherr – “Food With Life” – Creator, Producer & Director

“Food With Life” is an innovative food and wellness TV show created, produced and directed by Kenneth Scherr. Its’ origin had dawned with Kenneth’s meditation practice and self development. As a teacher of meditation, Kenneth had also graduated from Tufts University with an emphasis in writing, film & television. He apprenticed at WBZ-TV (NBC) on the highly acclaimed show,”For Kids Only” and then produced and directed commercials and shorts for WTVX-TV (CBS) in South Florida.

Studying in India in 1980, meandering through the flea markets of Delhi, Kenneth had been bitten by the acting bug, creating the character, “Chapatti”. In South Florida, Kenneth played several character roles in several stage plays. In 1984, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He has guest starred on “Night Court”, “Coach”, “Picket Fences” among other shows. And for the three summer months of 1986, Kenneth had been hired to play Chapatti performing on the Queen Mary. Chapatti had also appeared in the cable show, “In The Now” and had performed at the Laugh Factory.

Having been involved with a 6,000 year old science of self healing, Ayurveda, in 2003 it led him back to Mumbai, India for treatments where he began video taping aspects of healing in balancing our physiology, our diet, and emotional well being. Since then several Ayurvedic doctors, western medical doctors, naturopaths and celebrities have contributed to more then 60 half hour shows on such topics as Watching Weight, GMO foods, healing with raw and cooked foods, Aborigine Healing, Balinese healing health, Swedish wellness, psychological Healing, wellness & yoga.

More recently Kenneth has developed “Chapatti’s Kids Snack Corner”, an innovative show for kids, teens, and parents that focuses on youthful health and wellness. In its early development, we have completed 5 half hour shows. We can see that food helps to create our mood, can enhance our learning, behavior, and our happiness and well being. After all, a healthy society has to start with healthy individuals.

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